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    The clear waters of Calabogie Lake and the Madawaska River are home to a place that encourages well being. It is known to test the senses and promote healing and self care. This place understands that difficult moments occur in our lives and interfere with our plans. When disappointment levels rise, our minds react and we judge our events. Often, the end result is sadness, pain and suffering for ourselves.
    But what if you could become skilled at resolving tangled thoughts and frazzled feelings?
    What if you could have the tools to calm the pain and ease the discomfort?
    What if you could live fully in both the pleasant and unpleasant times in your life?
    What if you could skillfully make choices to promote self well being?
    Mindfulness Meditation can help you get through moments of anxiety, depression and stress. It can teach you skillful ways to make your life more manageable. It can elevate compassion and joy in relationships and increase immune response and brain activity. It does not require any previous meditation experience. To participate, all you need is an openness to become one with yourself.


    Mindfulness Meditation

    Mindfulness Meditation is a healing therapy offered by Wellness Natural Health Centre. The act of Mindfulness is both an awareness and a practice. The practice of mindfulness can help to bring you into the act of mindfulness, teaching you to be aware of your body, emotions, sensations and thoughts.
    With Mindfulness Meditation, our intention is to help provide space for healing and growth. Through loving kindness and caring compassion, we guide you through the process of “mindfulness.” Simple practises help you to learn how to pay attention to your life so that you can respond and move through difficult times with skillful choices. Independent research has shown how mindfulness practice can influence health conditions such as high blood pressure, chronic pain, anxiety and stress as well as physical trauma such as head injuries and emotional trauma such as grief and depression. For those wanting to be more aware of their own life’s experiences, mindfulness meditation practices can provide opportunities for getting to know yourself.
    Join us November 25th, 2018 for “A Taste of Mindfulness”
    In the Gallery Section we invite you to listen to a sampling of mindfulness meditations.


    Our Teacher

    Susan Veale BSc. KIN
    Sue Photo 3Trained Mindfulness Meditation Teacher
    Main Facilitator


    Susan has been working for twenty-five years in health care. She is a Kinesiologist, Natural Health Practitioner and founder of Wellness Natural Health Centre in Calabogie ON. Her life work has been teaching people how to care for themselves on all levels of health, both in private practice, workshops and weekend retreats. Interested in total well being, she is also a Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified Reflexologist and Reiki Master. She has co-authored two books and writes many wellness articles for various publications. Together with her partner David, they have five children, six grandchildren, Mischka, their Alaskan Malamute and two cats. Susan also finds time to enjoy Pilates, golfing, hiking, snowshoeing, gardening, cooking, reading and meditating.
    Associated with the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic and trained by Drs. Lynette Monteiro and Frank Munsten, clinical psychologists, Susan is part of the OMC teachers community which provides for continuing resources and opportunities for co-teaching.


    Mindfulness Programs


    For Individuals

    Sometimes we feel uncomfortable in a group setting. For that reason, we offer a weekly one on one program for those preferring privacy. Clear teachings are given to help transform your stress into meeting your moments with a full presence.



    Six to ten people meeting two hours each week for eight weeks plus a “Day Of Mindfulness” for self care. This program is designed for individuals needing some time and tools for recovery. It is suited for those with health challenges such as depression or chronic pain, anger management or grief and loss of a loved one. The next group program begins September 20th, 2017. Register here.



    Some occupations create stress and anxiety which can lead to burnout. Fast paced, demanding job environments can leave employees tired and sick. Employers who offer Mindfulness Meditation can help employees learn how to skillfully meet the challenges of their work life.

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    • Lucie P

      … Mindfulness meditation has made me realize how important living in the moment is. It has also helped me control those negative feelings and appreciate life …

      Lucie P
    • Heather K

      … I really enjoyed my time with Susan and I have a much better understanding of who I am and what I need to be kind to myself …

      Heather K
    • Sharon L.

      … Mindful meditation has provided me with the tools to find enjoyment in my daily activities. After completing the eight-week course, I find that I am more tolerant of annoying situations and I respond to events and persons around me more compassionately. Mindful meditation is teaching me to become a better person …

      Sharon L.
    • Joyce H.

      … I am so grateful for your Mindful Meditation program. Now I deal with stress in my life in a totally different way. I feel like a different person. Being “in the moment” is the best thing I have ever learned to do for myself …

      Joyce H.


    Prices vary depending upon the course offered. Individuals may begin their own special course at any time. Group and corporation workplace courses are scheduled.


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